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About Pico Sauces

Pico Sauces

If you love Indian flavours, you should be able to enjoy them with whatever you're eating (not just a curry) and whenever you feel like it!


Indian spiced condiments brand Pico Sauces was launched in 2015 by entrepreneur Arjun Gadkari, with the aim of bringing authentic flavours of modern India into everyday British meals.

The growing range of hot sauces, ketchups and chutneys has been designed to showcase the culinary creativity that is exploding across India today, whilst enabling consumers to enjoy the real taste of India beyond the conventional curry and placing them in non-Indian contexts – from sandwiches through to BBQs. 

What makes Pico Sauces unique? 

“Each one of our sauces give you a window into the exciting innovation that is happening in India right now – traditional Indian cuisine is being redefined by chefs and entrepreneurs, and our brand is a good example of where Indian food is going, not where it has come from.” 

“By focusing on condiments rather than cooking sauces, our customers can overlay our Indian flavours regardless of what they are eating, so they can now enjoy the taste of India even if they aren't sitting down for a full-blown curry.” – Founder, Arjun Gadkari

The Range:

Punjabi Ketchup (UK Bestseller)

Full of quintessential Indian ‘curry’ flavours, this product has a thick ketchup consistency with the taste of a North Indian butter chicken curry. 

Allergy warning: This sauce contains cashew nuts
Suitable for vegans

RRP: £2.50

Konkan Mango Chilli 

A careful balance between fruity and spicy. Not too sweet but with a full mango flavour. Medium consistency with small pieces of fruit pulp and occasional chilli flakes. Use this sauce as a dip with crips and finger food, or even as a fruity salad dressing! 

Suitable for vegans 

RRP: £2.50

Naga Ghost Pepper 

A deep level of spiciness that intensifies for at least 30 seconds. The wide range of flavours beneath the spice means it can also be diluted with mayo/yoghurt for a less concentrated flavour. Use it like a traditional chilli sauce, but more sparingly! 

Warning: This sauce is incredibly spicy – please eat with caution! 
Suitable for vegans

RRP: £2.50

Maha Green Chilli

Our default ‘every day’ table chilli sauce that’s delicious and unique in flavour and the perfect substitute for run-of-the-mill chilli sauces like Tabasco. As one of the most versatile sauces in the range, it can be used like a standard hot sauce – basically on top of everything! 

Suitable for vegans 

RRP: £2.50 

Varanasi Tamarind Chutney 

A quick-flowing traditional style chutney just like one you’d find drizzled onto chaat across several parts of India. Use this chutney alongside rice or naan bread, or even in a meaty sandwich with some chips! 

With the lowest spice level in the range, it can be enjoyed by those who ‘can’t handle chilli’ and is even suitable for children 
Suitable for vegans 

RRP: £2.50

Available to purchase from:

UK – Booths and Ocado
USA – Kroger, Fred Meyer and Ralph’s
Singapore – Redmart.com and Mustafa Centre

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