A little bit about us

The Pico story came into being in a small cafe off Baker street in London. Our co-founders were baffled by the statistic that 1.3 billion people living in India only had 3 brands of ketchup to choose from. WHAT?!?! Something huge was about to happen in the Indian packaged food market, and the founders were obviously convinced that they would be the ones to do it. By 'do it', they planned to launch India's most incredibly tasty brand of sauces and become the household name for over a billion enthusiastic fans.
Pico may not be quite the chilli sauce power house that we had assumed it would be by now, but after moving to India in 2010 to kick things off, we did whatever we could to make that dream come true. 10 years later and Pico Sauces are now available across India, Singapore the UK and the US. In 2016 Pico won Brand of the Year at a consumer choice awards held in Mumbai. All things considered, we're just really excited about our international roll out and really hope you can join us on the next stage of our journey.
Pico is really about showcasing the new, up-coming food culture that is sweeping across India right now. Gone are the days of traditional curries that haven't changed for so many generations. Today in India, especially in the big, dynamic hubs like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, food experimentation and general culinary creativity is exploding. India has so many amazing spices and ingredients, it is no wonder that everyone from celebrity chefs to stay-at-home-Mums are pulling out all the stops and coming up with all kinds of combinations and innovations that mark a distinct break away from the Indian food of yesteryear.
Pico takes hold of this vibrant youth culture and marries it with the founders' own passion and enthusiasm for food and cooking, and has converted its own take on the new flavours coming out of modern India into a range of delicious hot sauces and chutneys.
Pico is authentically Indian in the sense that the whole team is based in Mumbai, we make all of our sauces in India and all of our ingredients are sourced from within India. However, Pico is not 'authentic' in the sense of traditional - Pico is a reflection of the new India that many people haven't yet experienced outside the country.
This India is bold, experimental and passionate.
Have we piqued your interest? It's time you take a dip and see what we're talking about.
Varanasi Tamarind Sauce Sadhu Character Illustration