Authentic flavours from Modern India

India today is not about reddy-brown curries and heavily spiced dishes. There is a youthful, dynamic energy that is palpable - a hunger for something new that is bubbling under the surface. Charged up with excitement and anticipation, the Indian food scene of today is bursting with experimentation and creativity, deeply rooted in a rich culinary past, but taking strides towards new ideas.

Pico Sauces bring you a bit of India in every drop. These are not the flavours of the curry-house Indian food that you know (and also love), but authentic flavours from Modern India, an India that is waiting to be discovered by those curious enough to taste. Go on, take a dip. We know you want to.

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Beat the heat - how to handle the Ghost Pepper Sauce

Love our Naga Ghost Pepper Sauce but just can't handle that much heat in one sitting? We know what you mean and don't worry, no one's judging you - we know it's bloody hot. If you're looking for easy ways to beat the heat, check out our 4 ways to tone down the heat and bring out the delicious flavour this sauce can offer.

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Ain't no mango like a Konkan Mango

Our Konkan Mango Chilli Sauce is an ode to India's favourite fruit, which sometimes borders on a bit of a national obsession. The story of how we came to discover and create this sauce brings back fond memories of adventure and discovery. And now we've bottled it so you can relive our memories with us.

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