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The ultimate gift guide for foodies
Daily Mail - December 03, 2021
"As well as dipping, this versatile sauce is also good as a yoghurt marinade – try it with pork shoulder for a spicy Sunday roast."
15 best hot sauces that will spice up your cooking
Independent - June 25, 2021
"One of the only Indian food brands to focus on condiments instead of cooking sauces and pastes, Pico Sauces is committed to disrupting the Indian packaged food industry, having created the only Indian Hot Sauce on the market."
Fast-growing Indian spiced condiments brand secures listing with Ocado
Food and Drink Network UK - September 24, 2021
"I wanted to create a range that was authentic yet contemporary and would reflect the culinary creativity exploding across India today – not what your grandmother cooked 50 years ago!"
Indian spiced condiments brand, Pico Sauces, wins big at the Great Taste Awards 2021
Grocery Trader - October 12, 2021
Entrepreneur Insights
New Business Magazine - November 22, 2021
"Best-selling items include Indian hot sauce range Pico Sauces, with all flavours, from the Punjabi Ketchup to the Konkan Mango Chilli Sauce, proving popular."
ShelfNow reveals the top holiday season food and drink trends
Asian Trader - October 20, 2021
"Launched in 2019, ShelfNow currently has 783 vegetarian and 729 vegan products on its platform with best-selling items including Indian hot sauce range Pico Sauces, smoothies from cold-pressed juices brand PRESS Healthfoods and crackers from health food experts Erbology. "
Vegetarian Month: ShelfNow reveals top vegetarian and vegan trends
Retail Times - October 07, 2021
"The new listing with Ocado follows an impressive period of international growth for the brand, having secured partnerships with major US retailers Kroger, Fred Meyer and Ralph’s, together with listings via and Mustafa Centre in Singapore."
Indian spiced condiments brand secures listing with Ocado
Food and Drink Technology - September 10, 2021
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