Our first UK retail launch! Booths Supermarkets

Our first UK retail launch! Booths Supermarkets

We couldn't be more pleased to announce a massive step in the Pico Sauces journey. Our arrival on the shelves across the entire Booths Supermarket network marks a big milestone in our entry into the UK market. We're so pleased that we thought we would tell you a bit more about Booths, what we love about them and why we're so excited about the listing.


Booths are a family run supermarket chain that has been growing from strength to strength since 1847. For nearly 175 years they have been building up their reputation for top quality produce, great looking stores and a first class team (to paraphrase the aims of the original founder). We've been to their stores, they're gorgeous. 


Booths have nailed the Northwest UK market, with 27 stores clustered around Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Yorkshire. Their head office in Preston anchors the brand to a spectacular part of the country that starts around Manchester and goes right up into the depths of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks. You can find their entire store list here: https://www.booths.co.uk/stores/


From here on we look forward to enjoying a symbiotic relationship with the Booths Supermarkets as we set down some roots up North and get ready for store activations, exciting promotions and general good times. 

If you know anyone who lives North of Birmingham, chances are they may well live near a Booths Supermarket. Please let them know about their mouth-watering new range of fun Indian hot sauces, ketchups & chutneys and help us try to spread the word far and wide. 


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We shop at Booths in Clitheroe and Ilkley and are always on the lookout for amazing Foodie presents for our 2 sons and their wives…they love cooking.
We saw your sauces and bought some for their Christmas stockings! They look amazing.
Good Luck our youngest son writes for @eatmanchester and gets to sample amazing food all around Manchester hopefully he will love your products.
He is also Freelance if you ever need someone to write about your foods!!
Kind regards Collette

Collette Baiamonte

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