The Maha Green Chilli Sauce - everything you need to know

The Maha Green Chilli Sauce - everything you need to know

Our limited edition summer-essentials chilli sauce has arrived. And this time it's green. Check out what this awesome sauce is all about and get some ideas about how to use it:


Our Maha Green Chilli Sauce celebrates the humble green chilli that accompanies every meal you come across in Maharashtra, whether it's chopped into your morning poha or handed to you whole on a plate next to some sliced onions and wedges of numbu limes, intended for you to crunch into periodically across your meal. These powerful chillies are so omnipresent it's sometimes difficult to not see themas they hang on the front of most Mumbai cars, buses and rickshaws for good luck. 


When we started developing this sauce we wanted to make sure that we stayed true to the taste of the delicious chilli itself. The colour is vibrant - like the hills surrounding Mumbai in the peak of the Monsoons. The taste is fresh, young and quite sharp, and unlike the deep burning heat you get with red chillies, the green chilli burn is more like a flash fire at the front of your mouth that dissipates fast. We sometimes describe the raw freshness of our as a celery-like experience - but don't worry, the only real celery in sight is the fat one sticking out of your Bloody Mary. 


The Maha Green Chilli Sauce is potentially our most versatile sauce in the Pico range, perhaps because in some ways it's our simplest and most "chilli sauce"-like of the lot. This basically means that you can enjoy this sauce with everything, all the time, in any combination of ways. In a sandwich or burger? With BBQ meats? Poured into a burrito, over some fried rice or onto a slippery raw oyster? However fancy or down to earth your meal is going to be, chances are it could do with a little drizzle of our Green Chilli Sauce. 


When you get your first bottle of our Maha Green Chilli Sauce, make sure you try making a Bloody Mary with our sauce instead of Tabasco. Just follow the usual recipe and substitute in our sauce instead. Trust us, you'll appreciate it. Have you ever made a Michelada, the beer version of a Bloody Mary that's all the rage these days? Same thing: drop whatever hot sauce the recipe calls for and whack in our green chilli - it's a cheeky trick that works every time!

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